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Exclusive Full-Time Staff Focused on Your Business Goals

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Reducing staff expenses, making it cost-effective.

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Advantages of Solideo's Back Office Support

Efficient operations, cost savings, scalability, compliance, and expert handling. Solideo’s Back Office Support empowers your business, leaving you free to innovate and succeed.

From efficient order processing to real-time cargo tracking, Solideo optimizes your shipping endeavors. Our dedicated professionals handle data management, financial services, and customer relations, allowing you to navigate market challenges with ease.

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Explore Solideo’s tailored back-office support services and set sail towards efficiency today.

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Unlocking Cost-Efficient Shipping Solutions with Solideo

Welcome to Solideo, your strategic partner in cost-effective back-office support tailored exclusively for the shipping industry. We understand that in the dynamic world of logistics, minimizing costs while maximizing efficiency is paramount. With our specialized services, we empower your business to sail smoother, leaner, and more profitably.

Finance, HR & Payroll

Efficiently navigate the financial tides of the shipping industry with our comprehensive solutions. From managing vendor transactions to accurate invoicing and meticulous expense tracking, our financial management services ensure your financial ship sails smoothly.

Freight Forwarding, Logistics Operations

Embark on successful journeys with our logistics expertise. From real-time shipment tracking and securing competitive rates to seamless coordination with carriers, our support ensures your cargo arrives at its destination smoothly.

Client Communication and Sales

Set sail for success in client relationships and sales engagements. Our services facilitate timely payment follow-ups, accurate quoting, and efficient sales order processing, ensuring smooth communication and fostering growth.

Administrative Support

Streamline your ship's administrative operations with our expertise. From organizing critical documents to managing appointments and offering IT support, our services keep your ship sailing smoothly and efficiently.

IT and Marketing Solutions

Solideo empowers your business with a dynamic suite of IT and marketing services. From harnessing cutting-edge technology to crafting strategic marketing campaigns, we drive growth, boost your online presence, and engage your audience.

Data Entry and Analysis

Navigate the sea of data with precision and insights. Our data-focused services handle accurate entry, insightful analysis, and reporting, empowering you to optimize your cargo movement strategies effectively.

The Difference

Outsourcing Transformed

Solideo revolutionizes workforce management with an innovative feature that grants you unparalleled control.
Staff Selection
Transparent Termination
Live Monitoring
Seamless Communication

How It Works

How Our Personalized Approach Works

At Solideo, we’re your compass to cost-efficient freight forwarding solutions. By partnering with us, you’ll harness the power of lean operations, ensuring you cut costs without compromising on quality or growth. Let us help you lower expenses, increase profitability, and chart a course to success in the competitive waters of the freight forwarding industry.

Tell us about your work

Get started with a conversation. We begin by understanding your shipping business, challenges, and goals. Our experts design a tailored solution focused on cost reduction without compromising efficiency.

Meet and approve

Choose the services that fit your needs. Select from our range of specialized offerings, such as financial management, logistics optimization, or administrative support. Our team seamlessly integrates these solutions into your operations.

Launch and track

Watch your costs drop and your efficiency rise. As our support takes effect, you’ll experience reduced expenses and streamlined processes. We continuously monitor and fine-tune our services to ensure optimal cost savings while maintaining quality.

Why Choose Us

Intelligent assistance for business

Our solutions are crafted to fit your unique needs. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and our customized approach ensures that you receive precisely what you require for optimum results.

Trusted Expertise

With a team of industry experts, Solideo has a proven track record of delivering reliable and efficient solutions. Our experience and knowledge become your strategic advantage.

Confidential Commitment

Confidentiality is at the core of our operations. We prioritize the security of your data and sensitive information, ensuring that your trust is well-placed in our hands.


We believe that achieving excellence doesn't have to come at a high cost. Our solutions are designed to be budget-friendly, allowing you to optimize operations while managing expenses.

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What our customers say

Choosing Solideo was one of the best decisions we made for our e-commerce venture. Their shipping and freight solutions not only optimized our logistics but also saved us substantial costs. The team's attention to detail and commitment to our success have made them an invaluable partner.

Freight Forwarding company General Managaer

Solideo's financial management services have been invaluable to our startup. Their meticulous approach to handling our accounts has provided our clients with accurate insights and empowered them to make informed decisions. The cost savings they've experienced have allowed them to redirect resources to growth initiatives.

Freight Forwarding Networking Company CEO